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Orbiting the Giant Hairball
Gordon Mackenzie

1. revive the creative genius (kids stop being artists by the 6th grade)

2. choose not to be mesmerized by the culture of the company

3. when a colleague's job seems easy, they may be a champion at play

4. creativity occurs before tangible evidence of productivity (quiet time is required for profound creativity)

5. "We need much courage if we are to respond successsfully to the consequences of exploring beyond authorities; sometimes-beneficial, sometimes-detrimental boundaries. And, if we are to grow, explore we must." - p. 80

6. even creative endeavors can become stale when repeated

7. ". . . if you want to live more fully, start somewhere toward the safe end of the security/freedom continuum and move mindfully, ever so mindfully, toward the free end." - p. 104

8. the left-brain works to quiet the creativity of the right-brain

9. arrive at original though via: myth, art, imagination, magic, poetry, and play

10. teasing is a disguised form of shaming

11. use sensuousness to connect with the world and free stiffled creativity

12. "help the bureaucrat discover a means harmonious with the system to meet your needs." - p. 139

13. where there is the perception of power, there is power

14. challenge the pyramid organization model with a new paradigm (the more holistic plum tree organizational model)

15. if you want creativity to return, give up focusing on it

16. release the built-up culture to gain creative insight

17. "To be fully free to create, we must first find the courage and willingness to let go."

18. "If you go to your grave without painting your masterpiece, it will not get painted. No one else can paint it. Only you." - p. 224