Certified Business Allstar®
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Certification is offered to all individuals who desire additional business knowledge that will enhance and compliment their professional competency. Everyone works in a specialized field and has unique skills and talents. As they move through an organization they realize the need for business training. This certification offers a comprehensive exposure to the greatest writings relating to business.

Everyone interested in pursuing a CBA must register prior to joining the association. A one time fee of $100 paid to the association will begin the certification process. Every candidate will be required to read the 36 books and take the related tests to demonstrate mastery of the concepts.

Thirty six books have been grouped into six categories that must be read by every candidate. The books are those that have been uniformly selected through vote by the association as the best representation of business knowledge. Each book will be read, reviewed and supported by study material. The books can be acquired through purchase from any source by each candidate. Hard copies are not required and ebooks may be used.

Study tests are available for each reading assignment to strengthen the candidates understanding of the material. At the end of each six week period that coincides with the completion of the reading material for each level, a comprehensive on-line test administered by the association will determine if the candidate has successfully earned the right to wear the color for that level. There are six levels and a candidate must successfully complete the test for all levels to be designated a black belt.

Each level is identified with a color. In traditional achievement programs these colors have been associated with a colored belt. Once a candidate has completed a level they will be eligible to wear the color achieved in the form of a tie or scarf.

The Association of Certified Business Allstars will publish a quarterly journal that (1) updates members on suggested readings to stay current in the field of business, (2) celebrates new members of the association, (3) identifies CBAs that are successful in their entreprenuerial endevors, (4) announces promotions of CBAs in the work careers and (5) publishes letters from members. An annual membership fee will be charges to all CBAs who wish to receive the quarterly journal.