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Cyrus The Great
by Xenophon

Central Theme: Leader by wisdom and virtue, with respect and benevolence.

Show examples of 7 of these concepts used in business.

  1. Be a decisive and ethical leader.
  2. Enforce uniform laws and an ethical judicial system.
  3. Respect other cultures and customs.
  4. Advocate free choice & outlaw slavery.
  5. Be feared, but not hated by subjects.
  6. Improve the human condition rather than exploited it.
  7. Gain wisdom from whatever source.
  8. Protect commerce, trade and standardized coinage.
  9. Other leaders must find advantage aiding you and danger offend you.
  • True Leadership is making people all they ought to be.
  • You must outwit your opponent at every turn
  • Stress the importance of teamwork and minimize distinctions of rank
  • Couch your own ambitions in terms of its benefits to others
  • Gather intelligence from those on the scene
  • Add technological change where possible to effect speed of movement

  • Summary

    1. Show Boldness at the Beginning
      • Suppress your emotions and respond to danger with great composure
      • Love humanity, wisdom, and courage
      • Endure hardship, pay due respect to authority, and rever the elderly
      • Absorb as much knowledge as possible
      • Seize the unexpected opportunity
      • Inspire your people with an enticing vision of a new order
      • Know when to keep your own counsel
      • Give Divinity its due
      • True Leadership is making people all they ought to be
      • Err on the side of self-reliance (logistics is your intitial concern)
    2. Learn from Advice Fit for Royalty
      • The loyalty of followers comes from self-interest.
      • An army should never be idle
      • The best way to secure obedience is to be both wiser and better informed than those we rule
      • A leader must always be more steadfast in adversity than those he leads
      • You must outwit your opponent at every turn
      • Using unexpected tactics confuses the foe
      • Your men will lose confidence in you if you neglect their safety and interests
      • Always be on guard against miscalculations
    3. Learn the Rules to Compete by
      • Exude confidence and not anxiety
      • Recognize the inevitability of conflict
      • In the face of danger, be eager, not intimidated
      • Let your tools be equal to the task
      • Provide opportunity for anyone, no matter how lowly born, to gain riches and achieve an altogether higher status
      • Stress the importance of teamwork and minimize distinctions of rank
      • Create comradeship and community by sharing pleasures
      • Treat cynics to the ridicule they deserve
      • Choose the best men to join us in teh work of command, regardless of their country or color
      • Get rid of scoundrels ends the danger of contamination for the rest of the army
    4. Seize the Day
      • Long delays undermine the morale of soldiers
      • Direct the energy of internal rivalries outward
      • Couch your own ambitions in terms of its benefits to others
      • Create the psychological advantage by seizing the initiative
      • Delay showing the extent of your strength
      • Give men confidence by grounding their optimism in a sense of divine approval
      • Avoid disputing operations, but let your voice be heard
      • Well-trained personnel always come through in a pinch
      • In times of crisis, those who open their mouths to honor the gods are less fearful of the enemy
      • Stout hearts lead from the front, not the rear
    5. Gain Strength through Alliances
      • Laud your heroes as figures to emulate
      • Motivate your people by recognizing merit
      • Exploit one victory by rapidly pursuing the next
      • Use your own people to plead your cause
      • Counter demoralizing words with reasoned arguments
      • Let your special admirers work in your behalf
      • Be quick to exploit new alliances
      • Understand the motivations of your followers
      • Keep your communications clear and open
      • Gather intelligence from those on the scene
      • Don't give way to a lust for plunder
    6. Embrace Change for greater Effectiveness
      • Overconfidence has been the undoing of many
      • Give functionaries an incentive to join you cause
      • Success always calls for greater generosity
      • Earn loyalty by rewarding your critical allies first
      • Collecting booty was not an end in itself, but a means of winning new friends
      • Add technological change where possible to effect speed of movement
      • Convince your people of the benefits of change
      • The Eloquence of others may be as effective as your own
      • When possible, include your allies in your deliberations
      • Good fortune is no excuse for self-indulgence
    7. Communicate to Join Hearts as One
      • Anger alienates those who feel its heat
      • Choose a worthy representative
      • Brevity is the soul of command
      • Words must always be used with finesse
      • Strive to achieve a solemn sense of unity
      • Surprise your friends with shows of generosity
      • Explain innovations in terms of mutual advantage
      • Act as liberator: freedom, dignity, and wealth provide happiness of humanity
    8. Shifting the Balance by Stengthening new Alliances
      • Gross injustice demands strong response
      • Move quickly to satisfy worthy suppliants
      • Guard your grand designs and appeal to your associates immediate self-interest
      • Thank your people for their continuing loyalty
      • Take measurers to protect your person
      • Embrace every opportunity to secure your reputation
      • Humor should never be mixed with malice
    9. Straight On the Success
      • A direct advance may be the safest route
      • Wield psychology like a weapon
      • Don't enrich ourselves until we make our friends wealthy first
      • Let old grudges seal new alliances
      • In war a man can sometimes do his friends a world of good by pretending to be their enemy
      • Tactical victories alter strategic equations
      • Banish emotion from your decision making
      • Refuse to make your friends expendable
      • Delve into details whenever details count most
      • Strength increases with unity
    10. The Kindness of Friends
      • Rather than be blinded by rage, try to be philosophical
      • Use the voice of reason, not the thunder of judgment
      • Mild rebuke works better than loud condemnation
      • Negotiate beneficial agreements despite mutual distrust
      • Keep your noblest supporters at your side
      • Moderate boldness with caution
      • Attack outlying strong points first
      • Strive to pacify the alienated
      • Recognize the dormant power in those around you
    11. Mastering the Ego
      • Be as honest with yourself as you are with others
      • When blameworthy, humble yourself before critics
      • Let everyone witness your acts of reconciliation
      • Honor the Psychological needs of others
      • Grant your supporters freedom of speech
      • Anticipate the difficulties that the future will bring
      • Technical innovations are crucial to victory
    12. To Change the World
      • Salvage good from evil
      • Reap the rewards of compassion
      • Put your new allies to the test
      • Be frank about the challenges ahead
      • Emphasize the strength of your own cohorts
      • Seek additional suggestions from your subordinates
    13. The Clash of Arms
      • Immediately debrief an important source of intelligence
      • Know when to forify your people with praise
      • Analyze your opponent's movements with utmost concentration
      • Strengthen your composure at the moment of crisis
      • When the shock of attack is absorbed by a powerful foe
      • Salvation comes from dedicated followers
      • Negotiation can work better than naked force
      • Respond immediately to renegade actions
      • Persuade the defeated to help you consolidate your success
    14. On the Wings of Victory
    15. The Temptations of Success
    16. When Harmony Reigns
    17. Leadership and Cunning
    18. The Wisdom of the Ages